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I speak live and virtually to college students and early career professionals on how to position themselves for early career success.

I also speak to managers about how to build productive and inclusive teams, minimize ramp-up time, and maximize retention.



    • The unspoken rules of…

    • job hunting
    • career building
    • internships
    • being a top performer
    • the workplace
    • building inclusive cultures
    • building high performing teams

    • College students

    • Early career hires

    • Managers


I met Gorick the first week of my sophomore year and he completely changed the way I viewed working at a company. Instead of just trying to fulfill the tasks that were given to me, Gorick helped me understand that adding value extends beyond being capable of following directions. My work colleagues said what separated me from other interns was not that I was categorically better at the assignments, but that others enjoyed working with me because of my communication skills, personal initiative, and relationship management. These skills made all the difference, yet no one teaches them! Until now.

– Injil Muhammad Harvard College, Vanguard

Gorick’s workshop on management skills was a hit with our MIT students and postdocs, and it was a pleasure to work with him to develop the event. He is knowledgeable, personable, and a thoughtful educator. He delivered a lively workshop that was full of concrete tips and tools, and closely tailored to our students’ needs. I am grateful that Gorick is filling this critical skill gap for young professionals, and warmly recommend his work.

– Dr. Diana Chien, Director, MIT School of Engineering


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