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Gorick Ng is a first-gen college student turned Harvard grad turned management consultant turned author of THE UNSPOKEN RULES.

What will separate you from the rest early in your career? 

The ability to take ownership, manage expectations, navigate people dynamics, and communicate professionally—skills that school doesn’t teach.


Most career guides assume that you already know how the working world works. But if you’re starting your very first job or taking a job in a new company, you might not know all the unspoken rules that determine who gets ahead and who doesn’t. In The Unspoken Rules, you’ll learn the basic workplace skills necessary for success.


After testing the advice I gathered from these hundreds of interviews, I started coaching other early-career professionals. Now I’m distilling everything I’ve learned into a step-by-step guide called The Unspoken Rules. We all have what it takes to be a top performer. It begins with mastering the unspoken rules.”

Releases April 27, 2021


Learn what 500+ professionals took years to figure out


Download the first 25 pages of Gorick’s new book today!

On a mission to discover and decode the unspoken rules of work so individuals can go further, faster in their careers.

About Gorick Ng

Gorick Ng is an entrepreneur and author of the forthcoming book, The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Succeeding in Your First Job (Harvard Business Review Press, April 2021).

Gorick is a Research Associate in the Managing the Future of Work project at Harvard Business School, where he focuses on talent management and workforce development. He is also a career coach and advisor at Harvard College, focusing on first generation, low-income students.

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