Rags-to-riches Harvard grad shares the unspoken secrets of success
Harvard, Gorick
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Rags-to-riches Harvard grad shares the unspoken secrets of success

When he was just 14 years old, Gorick Ng got a wake-up call about how the world really works.

Ng’s single mother was laid off from her job at a sewing machine factory, and in a household that was already so cash-strapped the tooth fairy never visited, money got even tighter.

As an only child, Ng shifted into survival mode, spending lunches, late nights and weekends creating a resume for his mother and scouring job boards.

“We were applying to hundreds of jobs and no one got back to us,” Ng told The Post. “It was demoralizing.”

To make ends meet, Ng and his mom began cleaning houses in Toronto, where they lived. He painted fences and mowed lawns.

Soon his mother was able to obtain a grant to return to school and secure a child-care job.

But the experience left an impression on Ng.