My HBS student loan story
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My HBS student loan story

Business school is a valuable investment in your future. HBS supports that investment through generous need-based scholarships. In addition to scholarships, many HBS students utilize student loans to help meet their portion of the shared investment.

If you anticipate borrowing to help finance your MBA, you are likely thinking about what repayment might look like post-graduation. HBS graduates pursue careers in a variety of industries and positions around the world. With a median starting salary of $148,750, and median signing bonus of $30,000, HBS graduates are well-positioned to pay off their student loans. Still, taking-on student debt to finance an MBA is a significant commitment, and we recognize that personal circumstances influence how each student approaches that commitment. To better understand how HBS graduates manage and repay their student debt, we interviewed several alumni about their loan repayment journeys.

Class: MBA 2018

Career: Author of The Unspoken Rules and Social Entrepreneur

Could you please share a little bit about your upbringing and background?

I was born and raised in Toronto to a single mother who had dropped out of school at age 12 to work in a sewing factory. I was 14 when she was laid off from her sewing machine factory job. Because I was proficient in English and had computer skills, I helped her to look for another job, which included searching online and writing resumes and cover letters. We applied to hundreds of jobs, but she didn’t get a single callback. Eventually, she found a government program that enabled her to return to school and become a daycare assistant. The experience really stuck with me and has influenced my life and career direction.