I got the job. Now what? Elaine Varelas advises where to learn more
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I got the job. Now what? Elaine Varelas advises where to learn more

Q. I have the job. Now what? I have seen too many of my friends get laid off or fired. They don’t know why or say they don’t. I don’t want that to happen to me. I am excited about my new job but I have never had a “real” job before.

A. Successful job seekers have been focused on every aspect of the job search. Develop a great resume, enhance a LinkedIn profile, meet new networking contacts, interview like a pro, and negotiate a great compensation package. Once you accept that offer and start your new, job life is easy. But that’s not the way it really happens. Derailers are those many tracks employees take that lead to some level of failure – even separation from the organization. The answer to your question and many like it are most often learned by years of experience, and too often by mistakes.

What many people consider the basics of arriving on time, being dressed “appropriately,” and asking questions as needed, are not universally understood. Is 15 minutes late or time enough? Do you leave 10 minutes early or stay late? Do you know what the company does? You may not know what the job is yet, but you should know the business of the company does. Research is too easy to skip this step, and yet many employees don’t have a good understanding of what the business does and how their role impacts success.