How to up your game and avoid an epic fail on your video job interview
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How to up your game and avoid an epic fail on your video job interview

By now, we’re all well aware of the Zoom ground rules for the professional — turn the cat filter off, have proper lighting, dress appropriately and eliminate distractions. But when it comes to acing a video job interview, you have to up the ante. We asked recruiters and experts about their must-haves and grievances.

Be discreet

Eliminating distractions is key — including exiting a work call before your interview. Last March, Mollie Leonard, head of people at Mediaplanet, a global firm delivering content marketing campaigns in Midtown, attended a companywide meeting with about 60 people on Zoom when an entry-level employee neglected to mute herself during an external job interview.

“All of a sudden, the sound of the call switched from the speaker’s voice to this employee who was interviewing for another job. We heard the employee answering the question, ‘Why are you looking to leave your current role?’ loud and clear.” Afterward, the employee’s manager and Leonard approached her, and she apologized “extensively.” (She eventually left the company for another opportunity.) …