5 ways to be a more likable work-from-home coworker
Fast Company, Gorick
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5 ways to be a more likable work-from-home coworker

At a time when 67% of us are facing work-from-home burnout, it’s easy—and expected—to let our discipline slip. It began with our attire: 60% of U.S. workers admit to wearing casual or athletic wear when working from home. Then, came the formality: 36% of workers in the United Kingdom agree with the statement, “Most people I work with are much less formal with one another than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic.” Then came the emails, at least for me: Emails that I would have otherwise re-read multiple times are now getting sent without a second glance.

While it’s important to to not overthink, not thinking at all can backfire. Take the case of scheduling meetings. As tempting as it may be to write, “Let’s find a time to meet” and leave it to others to figure out the logistics, doing so can lead to an explosion of back and forth emails.