3 negotiation power moves you must start using immediately
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3 negotiation power moves you must start using immediately

Negotiations are a part of our careers whether we like it or not, so we need to get more proficient in order to advocate for ourselves, our teams, and our organization. HBR explains that there are different types of moves in negotiation, and power moves are those that convey to the other party that negotiations are actually necessary.

To get you up to speed on power moves to supercharge your next negotiation this article gives you the goods on three different power moves you haven’t heard of yet.

Get geeky about your supporting evidence

When you have a strong position and the data to back up your arguments, you need to be geeky about how you present it in your negotiations. For example, if you are negotiating your salary and you know the comparable figures of colleagues in similar roles and industries, you need to present that data powerfully, visually, and professionally…