11 Steps to Impress Your Boss and Thrive in Your Job
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11 Steps to Impress Your Boss and Thrive in Your Job

Managing your relationship with your bosses can be as important as tackling your task list. Tuning in to their preferences, communicating skillfully and earning their trust with stellar work can improve your chances at recognition, raises and promotions.

This mind-set, known as managing up, is part of your job, said Gorick Ng, a career coach for Harvard students and the author of the coming book “The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right.” Here are some work habits that can foster positive relationships up the chain.

Paddle in the same direction. Make sure you and your manager are working toward a common objective, said Romy Newman, co-founder of the career website Fairygodboss. “You are making micro-decisions all day on how to allocate your time,” she said, so review your to-do list with your manager and make sure your work priorities align.

Be sure of “what, how and by when.” Make sure you have all the details and due dates when your boss assigns something new, Mr. Ng said. Precision is more critical in remote work because it is not as easy to check in casually for clarification. “Ambiguity,” Mr. Ng cautioned, “is almost guaranteed to lead to misunderstandings.” And redoing work isn’t fun for anyone.